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Although my background and education are in journalism and writing, my love for the healing arts has guided me toward some amazing realities. The reality of 'energy' as a healing force, as an invisible entity within our cellular and mental bodies, and the basis of all of life throughout the universe is, to me, profound and exact. Atoms, molecules, and the spaces between are alive rotating, translating and vibrating in a constant state of motion at different levels, patterns and speeds, creating light, sounds, colors, liquids and solids.

Our body, mind and energies are in a constant flux. And so, in order to heal or cure, de-stress or alter the whole body, mind and spirit it's important to address not only the cellular, corporeal body, but the energy system; the spaces, patterns and blockages between the cells.

There are fundamental techniques capable of using our natural energy to affect the physical, emotional and mental bodies. These are inherent and natural as life itself. Our ancient ancestors used energy techniques, but we lost the essentials along the way. None-the-less, we still have the capability of transferring energy from one to another.

Using equipment such as the MRI and Kirilian photography, we can see the patterns and intensities of energy. We can determine if there are blockages or an over abundance or insufficient amount of flow of energy in any area of the body and brain. We can also learn to be sensitive to the flow of energy and patterns with our hands and senses, but this takes awareness, sensitivity and practice.

With all of our branches of knowledge, techniques, and modalities, research and machines, above all it is important to remember that the power of prayer is mightiest and this universal energy has been divinely created. We cannot create or destroy it. It does not come from us, but through us. We can only research the essence and learn to guide and use it wisely.


There are growing numbers of studies and techniques about life energy, but from amongst them I have been guided toward several which include the Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Kolamini, and the Silva Method.



The Emotional Freedom Technique helps locate, focus on, and disloddge, "negative splinters" in our body's energy system. These powerfully painful, trapped, debilitating, splinters get embedded in the energy system along with memory. They create negative emotions and responses such as anxiety, stress, trauma, phobias, worry, guilt (to name a few). Separating these 'splinters' from our memory and dislodging them from our energy system produces FREEDOM, allowing space and energy for healing to take place.

The technique includes defining the specific emotional and/or physical disruption and establishing the level of interference. Then, while focusing on the negative feeling(s) or problem, specific meridians on the face and body are stimulated by tapping on those areas. The process is in a series of repetitions until the level of interference is diminished, usually, permanently.


REIKI~~the Universal Life Force Energy is a specific and natural energy re-discovered in the 1800's by theologian Dr. Makao Usui and is called the "Forgotten healing art." Reiki is the term used for both the energy and the techniques. The transference of this energy affects humans, animals, plants, solids, liquids and all matter at a cellular level. It creates a condition by which the body can readjust, become balanced and heal itself. When applied, it is felt as a gentle warm or tingling sensation. The usual Reiki session is about an hour. For major illnesses or injuries, a series of sessions is recommended.

Reiki is being researched and used in a growing number of hospitals, medical centers and private medical practices throughout the world.


The goal of the SILVA METHOD is to teach and enable people to use the full power of the brain. Most of us use only a fraction of our mind's potential power and the Silva Method cultivates the ability to go, at will, to the alpha level of brain frequency which is between 7 and 14 pulsations per second. Slowing the brain frequency from beta (21 to 14 pulsations per second) to the alpha level increases mind power and potential. With slower pulsation, power is drawn on both brain hemispheres.

The Silva Method is the world's Number One mind development program, presented in more than 100 countries, 29 different languages and millions of people are benefiting.

Benefits from the Silva Method:
Stress and pain reduction
For migraine headaches and insomnia
Strengthens the immune system
Remembering dreams
Problem solving
Memory and concentration improvement
Taking examinations without stress
Eliminating unwanted habits
Developing intuition and creativity
Self awareness and better understanding
Relationship and job enhancement
Developing and maintaining a positive, winning attitude
Enjoy life to the fullest


"Kolaimni is a healing form, based on natural physical law,
which makes use of the body's own vibrations. 
It allows a practitioner to connect the recipient
to the universal light to renew the body's
healing powers. 
Healing is a creative process that is a
part of nature. 
Each of us has an innate ability
to heal ourselves and to help others
to connect their healing energies
to the universal light."
Mechi Garza,
Developer of Kolaimni

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